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ABB V2X Trondheim


The initiative in Trondheim involves the municipality, a car sharing service, a utility company, real estate companies, supplier of energy trading solutions, and ABB. It is part of EU's research project "Positive City Exchange" where the aim is to create positive energy blocks. The new pilot project will demonstrate how batteries in EVs can be an additional resource beyond being an energy carrier for emission-free transport. In two areas which are part of the EU's Positive City Exchange, Brattøra and Sluppen, ABB Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) chargers have been installed. The chargers can charge EVs and or supply electricity back to the grid. “A big credit to Trondheim municipality for running this ground-breaking pilot project. We look forward to continuing fruitful cooperation and are proud of what we have achieved so far in the plus city project together with the municipality and other partners,” said Per Erik Holsten, country managing director of ABB in Norway. “Utilizing EVs as power banks can be important for tomorrow's energy systems, network development and security of power supply when scaled up.”

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Norway (NO)


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Lead partner

  • Municipality of Trondheim
  • Positive City Exchange


  • Frequency
  • Reserve
  • Arbitrage
  • Distribution
  • Time shifting
    for energy users
  • Emergency

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