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Optimized HF isolated DC/DC converter


In this project, an isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter of up to 10kW will be integrated and optimized to serve as V2G pilot. The objective is to demosntrate the technology of converter is well suited to obtain a cost-effective, size-effective, efficient installation. The Spanish company epic power provides hardware. CuroCon GmbH is supporting the project with all the necessary communication and control systems. This project has received funding from the IDAE Instituto para la Diversificación y el Ahorro de la Energía (Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy) under grant number PGE -MOVES – SING -2019 – 000070 Ministerio para la Transición Ecológica (Ministry for the Ecological Transition), Spain.

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Spain (ES)


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Lead partner

Epic Power Converters S.L.

    Focus: Technical

    Segment: Commercial

    Charging location: Home & Work

    Tech: Two bidirectional DC/DC converters in paralell will provide up to 20 kW bidirectional charging station. PV and grid. CCS and CHAdeMO.

    Charger Type: DC


    • Frequency
    • Reserve
    • Arbitrage
    • Distribution
    • Time shifting
      for energy users
    • Emergency

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