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OVO Energy V2G (Project Sciurus)


The OVO Energy V2G Project (Project Sciurus) is one of the largest domestic vehicle-to-grid trials in the world. OVO Energy provided Nissan EV drivers with V2G hardware made by Indra, and installed it in their homes. The chargers are intelligently optimised by the Kaluza Flex platform to export energy back to the grid when it's needed most. Customers are paid for their exports to the grid, enabling many of them to drive their EV effectively for free as a result of using their V2G charger.

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United Kingdom (GB)


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Lead partner

OVO Energy

  • Indra
  • Cenex
  • Nissan
  • Innovate UK
  • BEIS
  • OZEV

Focus: Technical, Commercial & Social

Segment: Individual

Charging location: Home

Tech: Chademo vehicle connection - 6kW charge - 6kW discharge - UK residential (single phase) - Local & Remote smart charging - IP65 rated

Charger Type: DC


  • Frequency
  • Reserve
  • Arbitrage
  • Distribution
  • Time shifting
    for energy users
  • Emergency

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