V2G – A Global Roadtrip

Around the world in more than 50 projects

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Everoze and EVConsult released their landmark: ‘V2G – A Global Roadtrip’ report in October 2018. The report highlights lessons learned from the physical deployment of chargers in 50 Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) projects around the world. This report was jointly funded by leading network operator UK Power Networks and innovation agency Innovate UK.

Vehicle-to-grid technology enables bi-directional energy transfer from/to plug-in electric vehicles. This means that, when charged, vehicles can sell the electricity back to the network and earn money in the process. This can help reduce the cost of EV ownership, while keeping the lights on. V2G is distinct from simple uncontrolled one-way charging, and ‘V1G’ or ‘smart’ charging where the rate and time of charge can be varied.

Key insights from the report:

Half of the projects are in Europe

There are 50 V2G projects globally, of which 25 are in Europe, 18 in North America, and 7 in Asia. Asian participation has been more focused on vehicle-to-home and vehicle-to-building (V2H/B) services and contributing as a manufacturing partner than deployment.

Social issues are often overlooked

Almost all projects had a technical element (98%). Few focused on social aspects (27%). This reflects the sector’s fledging status and early teething problems with V2G charger technology. Interviewees emphasised the need for greater focus on user behaviour going forward.

Renault and Mitsubishi dominate the market

Although 12 vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) have participated in V2G projects, Renault Nissan Mitsubishi clearly dominates. This arguably reflects the legacy of the Fukushima disaster, and the successful integration of V2G within the CHAdeMO protocol.

DC solutions dominate the market

DC solutions have dominated to date with DC chargers featured in 93% of projects. However there remains significant interest in AC with more AC compatible vehicles expected over the coming years.

Full report

If you are interested to read up on the full report and experience our global roadtrip in more detail, feel free to download our report.

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