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Network balancing from large parking facilities and commercial buildings (NeX2G)


Pilot study controlling (cycling) five EV bidirectional chargers and building assets at Oslo airport Gardermoen (OSL). Privat individuals with V2G certified vehicles, e.g. Nissan Leaf are invited to participate. We will develop a model control the charging and discharging and estimate available flexibility that may be provided by the EV batteries based on a flow of cars, dwell time, energy status on the battery etc. We wil predict other flexibility within OSL (Avinor's) operations. Based on the data collected and the flexibility simulations evaluate the profitability of V2G within Avinor's operations and the value of selling flexibility in a market. Finally, we will analyze the value of V2G from large parking lots and industrial/commercial buildings against another type of flexibility with north European market model (Balmorel).

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Norway (NO)


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Lead partner

  • Statnett
  • Lnett
  • Elvia

Focus: Technical & Commercial

Segment: Commercial

Charging location: Public

Tech: Automatic charger control by optimization algoritms and collection of data together with secure communication through VPN-tunnel is tested in real time with privatly owned cars who volunteer to participate.

Charger Type: DC


  • Frequency
  • Reserve
  • Arbitrage
  • Distribution
  • Time shifting
    for energy users
  • Emergency

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