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Peak Drive


Energy pioneers in Toronto will wake up each morning, and jump into their gleaming new Nissan Leafs and purr quietly into the Downtown core of the city. They will navigate their way to designated parking garages, plug their vehicles into bi-directional EV chargers, and take elevators to their respective offices. While these individuals grab their coffees, activate their computers and begin their daily tasks, their leased Leafs - owned and operated by start-up company Peak Power – will be primed and ready for their specific daily assignments as well. As part of the Peak Drive pilot program, the cars will wait for a signal that will activate their battery packs to feed energy into their local host buildings during the days of high electricity consumption on Ontario’s power grid. The first phase of its vehicle-to-grid (V2G) pilot program this summer in Toronto, offering a three-year $550 ($CDN) lease package that includes a discounted price for a Nissan Leaf, free daily parking in downtown Toronto (worth about $400 per month), home charging systems, and free maintenance during the tenure of the program

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Canada (CA)

North America

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Lead partner

Peak Power Inc.

    Focus: Commercial

    Segment: Commercial & Individual

    Charging location: Home & Work

    Tech: Peak Power is using vehicle to grid technology to discharge EVs to reduce to contribution of buildings to system-wide coincident peak charges for large commercial buildings.

    Charger Type: DC


    • Frequency
    • Reserve
    • Arbitrage
    • Distribution
    • Time shifting
      for energy users
    • Emergency

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