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Realising Electric Vehicle to Grid Services


In an Australian first, the Realising Electric Vehicles-to-grid Services (REVS) project demonstrates how commercially available electric vehicles (EVs) and chargers can contribute to energy stability by transferring power back and forth into the grid, as required. EVs will inject power back into the grid during rare events (to avoid possibility of blackouts) and EV owners will be paid when their vehicles are used for this service. Employing 51 Nissan LEAF EVs across the ACT as part of the ACT government and ActewAGL fleet, the REVS project seeks to support the reliability and resilience of the electricity grid, unlocking economic benefits making electric vehicles a more viable and appealing transport option for fleet operators. The REVS consortium covers the whole electricity and transport supply chains including ActewAGL, Evoenergy, Nissan, SG Fleet, JET Charge, ACT Government and the Australian National University. Together the consortium will produce a roadmap with recommendations that will accelerate the deployment of V2G nationally. The project has been endorsed by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) and has received funding as part of ARENA’s Advancing Renewables Program.

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Australia (AU)


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Lead partner


  • JET charge
  • SGFleet
  • Nissan
  • The Australian National University
  • ACT government

Focus: Technical, Commercial & Social

Segment: Commercial

Charging location: Work

Tech: 51 V2G chargers and Nissan Leafs providing market contingency frequency control services.

Charger Type: DC


  • Frequency
  • Reserve
  • Arbitrage
  • Distribution
  • Time shifting
    for energy users
  • Emergency

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