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V2X By Marubeni


Marubeni v2x project brings together technology partners across energy and automotive sectors to explore vehicle-to-grid (V2G) optimisations and dynamic energy tariffs. The PoC is being carried out at the dealership Norton way Nissan which is owned by Marubeni Auto Investment (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation, with two V2G chargers a bespoke solar carport and rooftop solar installed on-site. We are also using our own EVs as part of the PoC, which will run for a full year to capture sufficient data to inform future V2G products and services that will benefit companies electrifying their fleets. This PoC project will demonstrate how a business (with EV charging on premises) must dynamically orchestrate and optimise the forecasted on-site solar generation, the utilisation plan for the EVs, and the underlying site power demand and air conditioning system, all whist considering the associated energy costs and physical constraints. Furthermore, the project will showcase how this system could employ bi-directional charging and dynamic optimisation to provide additional revenues from power grid support services, demand shifting (to cheaper periods) or energy arbitrage.

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United Kingdom (GB)


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Lead partner

Marubeni Europower

  • Marubeni Auto Investment (UK) Limited
  • SmartestEnergy Limited
  • Grid Edge Limited
  • Virta Limited
  • Origami Energy Limited

Focus: Social, Commercial & Technical

Segment: Commercial

Charging location: Work

Tech: Poc V2G Trial

Charger Type: DC & AC


  • Frequency
  • Reserve
  • Arbitrage
  • Distribution
  • Time shifting
    for energy users
  • Emergency

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